Robert Thompson - Former Intern
I have enjoyed many things thus far: when I was able to help with a live broadcast of the School Board Meeting, which was a great memory, and incredible experience. I really like the responsibility, and hands on experience i’ve had as well. I was able to work on filming skills early on in the internship and since then I have been non stop learning. One of the most hands on, and unexpected events was when I had begun the baseball video and suggested filming on scene at the baseball field. Well my sponsor agreed and told me to grab the camera and go, and I was off, creating my own film for the video. I had full responsibility of the shots, angles, sounds, and objects that you would see in the video. Being able to say that you did something on your own, start to finish, is awesome. My favorite project was the documentary, because I had the freedom to do something that I truly wanted to do, and with good reason. I was given the opportunity to plan, interview, and edit the entire thing on my own, and still use all the amazing equipment here! I used the massive studio for my interviews, in front of the green screen so that I could have any background, and all the lights and cameras made for a great quality interview. I also have my own computers and editing software. I helped out and did mostly everything I could, being such a small network, I think I basically covered every position here. One time there was a shoot going on in the studio, but we were short a person and didn’t have a floor director. I had trained for floor directing just once before, when I was called on to help. Essentially, my role was to listen to the engineer and make sure everybody was in place and ready to go when the countdown started. I then ran them down from 5 and ended with a slight point towards the camera as a sign that we were rolling and it was time to begin with the dialogue. It was a great experience, and for my first time doing something like that, I didn’t do too bad!

Certain things have frustrated me along the way, such as not knowing how to do something while editing, or when I messed up and forgot to record the sound during an interview. I had set up and interview with Coach Ward regarding the new baseball and softball complex, and was so focused on the camera angle and getting him set up perfectly, that I had forgotten to turn the mic on...twice. He wasn’t wearing his wireless mic thus there was absolutely no sound, but it was a learning experience, and i’m glad it happened now as opposed to later. I was given full responsibility with everything that I did, and I don’t think that I could ask for anything else! Certain things got challenging, mostly in the editing process, because editing was not my strong suit. There were a few instances in which I didn’t know how do drag certain files into the editing software, and that really bothered me, because not knowing how to do something is way out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, I was still able to ask questions and get help, without having any responsibility taken away. That’s a good thing too, because in most jobs out on the field, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, you’ll be replaced. Which is probably the best part about internship, you learn things that will help you drastically when you pursue a career in whichever field is of interest. I personally believe I have developed and progressed in many aspects of this profession. Filming, editing, interview, etc. Certain things took more time than others, and some even are still in the process of development. I came into internship with some knowledge of what this type of job entails, but not necessarily how much each person does. I was never too much of an editor, but have had tons of practice. The first big editing project I did was a program we have here called “She Blinded Me With Science” which are shorts of a girl talking about different scientific topics each time. I had no clue that editing could get so complex, I always thought it was just simple editing, but when it comes to a legitimate program, the after effects are key. This had to have been the most difficult project for me as I had to include animations, sound clips, pictures, videos, etc., just to make it more interesting. SBMWS is a very “busy” show and although mine wasn’t the best version, it was good practice, and i’ll hold onto those skills forever. I was also not aware of all of the tricks in interviewing, that helped me more than anything. I knew basic question/listening skills but this just totally changed how I interview and always will. I think I covered every topic, from interviewing, to filming, editing, switching on a live broadcast. I have gained tons of experience and even found out new things about myself along the way. I remember my first day, I was expecting to go into the internship and be handed papers to file or something barely pertaining to the actual job. I was wrong! I was able to outside and film, different objects, for different periods of time. After going around once, my sponsor went out with me, having me copy the shots she takes, for my own practice and my own good. Not only was it a great preview to the internship as a whole, but a great learning experience that I will never forget.

My favorite training was interview training, because I learned so much. I learned how to properly ask questions, and to how to ask the right questions in order to get the answers and information that I am looking for. I learned things about myself as well, like my listening skills for instance; I caught on quickly when it came to listening to an interview and being able to improvise with questions to dig a little deeper. I am going to keep the skills I learned for the rest of my life, and will hopefully be using them in a career of reporting some day. I did not have too much training with live production, but there isn’t very much of that here. I still have plenty of time with college, but it definitely would have helped me for future internships and such.

I think the supervision is great, you get your freedom, as well as somebody always there to help out with anything. I was given a tremendous amount of freedom and responsibility and I think everything was awesome! Freedom is something that I think most people take for granted, especially while learning. Teachers and parents are always down students’ throats about studying and assignments, but people aren’t going to learn if you’re always in their face. Being able to branch off on my own, teach myself new things, and be able to learn the way I want to learn, is the best way to learn. If you truly want to learn something, or become prepared, doing it on your own will do that best, because you will know how to fix a problem, or handle a situation in the real world if you’re on your own. Any questions I had regarding anything, I could ask and get a helpful response. It was a big help in learning as much as I have here. And I really appreciated the feedback because it was real, honest feedback, not just stuff that I would want to hear. I like the honesty because without it, I would not learn, or grow from it, and I think that has been a massive help for me.
This company has taught me so much throughout this internship. Ultimately, everything that I have learned has helped with my future goals, as I have gained the skills and experience that most students my age wouldn’t have gotten, as I head into college. I will be going into college with much knowledge of filming, and creating shots. As well as how to properly interview people, and even be interviewed. I honestly would not change anything about the workplace. I have my own office, in an already quiet office, making it easy to think and work on projects. All of the amazing equipment is a giant plus too, with a full studio and sound room, there are so many things to learn and explore, and just a great overall experience. Definitely would recommend coming here for an internship if someone was interested in this field. You learn basically everything there is to do, and actually have freedoms and responsibilities to work on your own projects, which is something you wouldn’t be able to do at a bigger company.

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Robert Thompson

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