Summer Intern - 2012
2012 Summer Intern: Megan White

Working at The Education Channel gave me experience in broadcasting and overall project management from script and story writing all the way through theediting process. Having these skills in my toolkit excites me as an aspiring filmmaker.

My favorite activity at The Education Channel was probably putting together She Blinded Me with Science. Getting to work with the ‘talent’ and then putting their scripts to life through editing was really fun. I also liked going out on filming field trips where I was allowed to operate cameras and work in live environments.

My least favorite activity at The Education Channel was making my own show. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, it was just the content wasn’t exciting and it wasn’t as exciting as other work I had to do and I think it’s hard and straining to create your own project up from nothing, too. Also, I kind of wish I had learned more about operating in the broadcasting room,about camera switching or how the soundboard worked.

However, This experience helped me stay relatively confident in my desire to learn more about film making, and therefore, I am enrolled as a film major at my school. I would like to say thank you for allowing me theopportunity to work there for almost two full years. It was an awesomeexperience and I learned so much more than what I might have otherwise onlylearned through my time in DVP. In retrospect, I can see just how much not onlyworking on projects there has helped, but also in talking with Ms. Stocker every day. I find now that a lot of her wisdom was prompt and fitting. It was good to get to work with a group of people so qualified in their work who built an atmosphere of quality and excellence, and that is probably the biggest thing I can take away from my time there.

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