Summer Interns - 2013
2013 Summer Interns (from left to right): Sean McGann, Steven Yepes, Jesse King.

Jesse King-
"My favorite project was when we were taken to Riverview High School to shoot video for a promo on the Education Channel. Being there with all of the other videographers and reporters from varying news channels was very exciting, and not only was I learning from Ms. Stocker, but I was also watching and learning what the videographers and reporters were doing as well. I feel that the experience was not only invigorating but also helped me a lot in how to react during a video shoot and to always be alert to the possibility that anything may happen and I need to be there for the shot."

Sean McGann-
"My favorite project has been the one about Common Core. I conducted my first interview, edited not to video but to the sound of someone's voice, and somehow with help from my mentor Mrs. Stocker put together what seemed impossible. This video also has a purpose, a purpose to promote common core. This made the project very worthwhile. The Common Core video has a message to promote education, which makes me feel like I'm taking part in my community by exposing this information to new audiences. This is an example of a project with greater intentions than to whoo an audience with special affects and loud rock music."

Steven Yepes-
"My PSA on helping animals in the shelter (was my favorite project), because I had to do different things to it, the result of the video was all my work in it. And, I thought our feedback was one of the most beneficial lessons we could have gotten from this program, it showed what kind of feedback and criticism we would be getting in the real business world of film."

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