Sean McGann - Former Intern
1. Yes my job duties were mostly as expected with the exception of a few things such as conducting interviews and on the field filming. Both of which were complete blasts and after words left me feeling both accomplished and better at the craft of filmmaking.

2. The completion of a body of work was particularly satisfying during my experience. The reason being is that school projects are made for educational purposes and once they're completed they go nowhere. Yes you learn from each of them and put your name in the credits, but as I, and who ever may be reading this knows very well that films are made to be seen. And at the Education Channel the whole purpose of each and every project is to express an opinion or to have someone go somewhere or do something. As a result each project has a purpose and is completed for an audience. Which as I've learned may be specific or vague. So determining your audience is key to a successful film.

3. On the flip side to question 2 the hardest part about my time at the Education Channel was how real world it is. It made things difficult in that I was responsible for the completion of each project and without doing so I could potentially cause a ripple affect that would delay other projects from their completion.

4. My favorite project has been the one about Common Core. I conducted my first interview, edited not to video but to the sound of someone's voice, and somehow with help from my mentor Mrs. Stocker put together what seemed impossible. This video also has a purpose a purpose to promote common core. This made the project very worthwhile. The Common Core video has a message to promote education, which makes me feel like I'm taking part in my community by exposing this information to new audiences. This is an example of a project with greater intentions than to whoa an audience with special affects and loud rock music.

5. I believe my training and development skills were very well observed, and I also think that I was pushed beyond my comfort zone, which resulted in leaps of growth rather than small increments.

6. My goal is to become a director and I would also like to have a better understanding on how to write screenplays for movies. We didn't quiet have a chance to do that however we edited frequently. Now that I know specific editing techniques such as green screening, ideas on how to develop and show an audience something through film comes much easier.

7. The training and development I found to be the most enjoyable were the numerous occasions were we got hands on experiences such as practicing for interviews.

8. I would absolutely love working here next summer and during the school year if that's at all possible. And I would recommend this to classmates.

9. The Education Channel has made me a much more professional filmmaker. I've learned more then I could have imagined and I feel as though I'm that much closer to achieving my career goals.

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Sean McGann

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