Summer Interns - 2011
"Everything has been enjoyable for me during the internship. I have gained so much knowledge and life skills through the internship. During this summer, I have advanced my skills for next year and my future by pushing my limits and encouraging more success from the things I am already doing well." Maggie Quinn

"Thank you for the learning experience! It's been great to get such a leap forward in the field that I want to work in one day." Peter Cyran

"My summer at the Education Channel taught me more "hands on," real world experience than any classroom could. Learning to write, edit and shoot anything from short stories to a lengthy intern special; the Education Channel put me on the right track to a successful career." Christopher Brantley

"I would consider working at the Ed Channel again and would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in work based experiences, I learned more than I expected to and enjoyed my time here." Brandon Heaven

"The Education Channel has given me the chance to work in what I love and hopefully the internship will help me go over the top when it comes to college admissions." Robert Pandolfino

"The internship was one of the most fun things I did this summer. I enjoyed learning more about the entire aspect of the studio work as well as the behind the scenes and post filming. The coolest and most satisfying part of this entire experience was sitting at home with my dad and flipping on the TV, there was my work for everyone to see. My dad congratulated me and then the next commercial came on and there I was again but this time in front of the camera. It made me smile and imagine what it would be like to go to the movies and see a movie I edited or worked on." Steve Cortman

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